Tuesday, February 7, 2012


When doing my nails I decided I wanted something different from the blues and greens I've been wearing lately. Something bright, shiny, and PINK! So I went for one of my favorites, Sally Hansen HD Digital. It seems to get passed over in this collection for the duo-chromatic polishes, but it really is a knock out color. Super bright shimmery hot pink with a pretty even balance of blue and red tones to it. It is reflects mostly pink, although if you look very closely in the sun there is tiny blue and gold micro shimmer. From ones I have and what I've read, other HDs tend to be on the sheer side and are often layered over black, but this is opaque in 2-3 coats. I have on 3 just so i could get all my nails as even as possible. It looks nice in the bottle, but is truly a knock out on the nail.

In natural indoor light

 In the sun

And then just for fun..(well actually this is pretty scary!)
Aaah! A nail lovers worst nightmare! Haha this has to be mislabled or a translation error, or else eek.  Pliers, a screw driver, and a box cutter?? I'll stick with my nail file thank you...O___O

I may add on to this manicure, and if it turns out alright I'll put up pictures. But for now, thats what I have to share. :)

I added tips to my ring as an accent finger! I used two Wet N' Wilds,  Black Creme and Sparked.

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