Friday, August 31, 2012

Del Sol Color Changing Polish (Magic!!!)

Summer's end is coming fast so I wanted to squeeze in some last summery colors before the season changes to fall. What's unique about these polishes is that they change as well! Del Sol is a company that sells products that change color in the sun, and I have a few of their nail polishes to share. I have 5 colors, so perfect for skittles swatches. :)


Ruby Slipper 

Purple Haze 



Here is the colors indoors. These polishes only change in UV light so indoor lights do not affect them unless they are ultra-violet. I have Ruby Slipper on my thumb, Foxy on my pointer, Calypso on middle, Purple Haze on ring, and Elecktrick on pinky. 

And then, the same polishes in sunlight! Sun magic!! Pretty cool, huh?

Ruby Slippers is Del Sol's most popular shade and it's easy to tell why. This polish changes from a silver glitter to a vibrant ruby red. I decided this color deserved it's own comparison picture. (Excuse my sloppy track pad handwriting please!)

Foxy, the polish on my pointer, turns from a light hot pink to a dark warm purple.

Calypso, on my middle, is a coral that turns to a pinky-purple.

Purple Haze, on ring,  is a yellow cream color that turns an indigo shade.

Electrick, the last color on my pinky, is a aqua blue that turns a light lime.

All have a thin, but easy to work with formula and have a shimmer finish (except Ruby Slippers, which is glitter). These polishes are rather sheer and need to be built up to see the effect well. I'm wearing three coats in all of the pictures. Del Sol polishes are more of a short-term polish as the color changing fades the longer you wear. To maximize the change of the polish, I recommend not wearing top coat over. This means that they don't wear very long without chips or tipwear, but the color changing fades as well so these are best for a day or two of a very cool mani. 

Del Sol is an awesome polish that's fun to wear, watch, and show off to your friends. I love wearing this and seeing my friend's reactions to my "magic" nail polish. Guys especially seem to think this is cool LOL. If you like unique and different manis, this would be right up your alley!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Benefit Feelin' Dandy Lip and Cheek Kit

Benefit has come out with 3 boxed Lip and Cheek Kits each featuring one of their matching boxed blushes and glosses. The sets are Feelin' Dandy Kit featuring Dandelion, Sugarlicious featuring Sugarbomb, and Go TropiCORAL featuring Coralista. 
Today I have the Feelin' Dandy kit to share!

Feelin' Dandy comes in a pretty metallic box with pictures of the products on the back. 

Inside is the kit, which is in a matching metallic box to the outer packaging. It's very sturdy and has a magnetic closure. The piece holding the makeup can be removed, and the box is pretty enough to save for little keepsakes. :)

Inside is the pink goodies! There is a fold-out section with tips and tricks for using the set, and behind that a nice sized mirror. It's worth noting that in the outer box is translations of the tips in other languages.

The kit comes with a mini Posietint, Highbeam, Dandelion powder, Dandelion lipgloss, and brush.

Swatch of Posietint, a stain that can be used on lips and cheeks. It's a bright pink shade and very pigmented.

Highbeam is a well known Benefit highlighter, a shimmery pale pink. Blends out to a luminous glow.

Dandelion powder is light pink that can be used as a blush or an all over powder. For porcelain or fair skinned beauties, this would be a nice blush. I think on light to medium or darker skin tones this would work better as a wash of color all over the face. Of course I only have one skin tone so I'm not sure how it would look built up or sheered down on others!
  Personally, being very pale, this shade seems like it would work better as a blush for me. It might cause me to look a bit Miss Piggy if applied all over.

And lastly the Dandelion lipgloss, a nice matching pink shade with slight shimmer. It's light on the lips and not sticky.

Overall I'm very pleased with Feelin' Dandy! I think $28 is a fair price for the amount of products you get, and it's a great way to try multiple things from Benefit. I love that you can put together a full coordinated face and lips with the products and it simple to use with the tips included. Great kit for lovers of a light, fresh pink!

Starry Nails

On top of Shell Me the Truth, I layered some gold glitter and then stamped this star pattern in black. I used a plate that came with the Salon Express As Seen on TV thing. It worked pretty well, and this is my first success with a full nail design. I think it turned out pretty cute!

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Plum Wine

I'm sure by now you've all heard about Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes. I decided to pick one up for myself and because most of the negative reviews I've heard were about pigmentation, I selected a nice dark shade called 50 Plum Wine.

These blushes have a really odd texture, almost like a less dense play-dough. I haven't tried poking my whole finger in, but pressing lightly on the blush it really does "bounce" back. 

I find just gently swirling my finger on the top of the little dome of blush gets enough product to apply to my cheeks. It's very light weight, and I found Plum Wine to be true to color in it's pigmentation.
On the face, the Dream Bouncy looks very natural, not overly powdery or dewy. However it's down time is in wear, as after about 3-4 hours this is already fading.

Overall I think it's a fun product with a unique texture and decently priced at around $7. I would recommend getting a darker color if you decide to pick one up, as I haven't hear the best about the lighter and these are easy to blend out. If you are willing to take one around for touch-ups or only need color for a few hours I would say this is a good product for a natural, flushed look.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tokidoki Arte Palette Vegas

Earlier today I showed you the Lion Papa Tokidoki Arte Palette. (Click here to view!) Now, I'm back with another! This one is called Vegas. These great little palettes are on sale now at Sephora for just $3 each so definitley worth picking up.

The packaging for Vegas is identical to the other Arte Palettes, but featuring different art and characters.  It is made of the same sturdy, glossy cardboard.

And for the swatches! Unfortunately, while still soft and very nice, Vegas did not have as pigmented shadows as Lion Papa.

First is a pure shimmery snow white.

Next a shimmery gunmetal silver.

Then was the bright purple shade.  It looks pink here but it is a midtone purple with pink tones and slight blue shimmer. This color can be better seen in the look pictures below.

And last for the shadows, the dark plummy purple shade.

The blush was again very nicely pigmented, a bright shimmery pink. Cooler toned and less glittery then Lion Papa.

 I found the white and silver the easiest eyeshadow shades to work with, while the bright purple was the least pigmented. I didn't have any problems with the colors not showing up or blending on my eyes though.

Purple on lid, Plum in crease, White as highlight.

Silver on lid, Plum in crease, White as highlight.

So for three bucks, I would say this is one sweet deal. Make sure to get yours before they sell out!

Tokidoki Arte Palette Lion Papa

I'm super excited about this post. Why? Because this little palette by Tokidoki is now on sale for $3!!! That's right! 4 eyeshadows and a blush for THREE BUCKS! If you have not picked this up, I recommend you snatch it quick! I paid $6 for mine, but it was still a fantastic deal because this thing is great.

If you are not familiar with Tokidoki, they have been known for there adorable and edgy designs way before they decided to go into make-up. All of their products are no exception when it comes to packaging which is super cute. The palette is made of sturdy, glossy cardboard.

Palette opens up like this, with a handy mirror too. 

And now, swatch time! 

The first color is a shimmery slightly off white. (Hard to see on my super pale skin though!)

Next is a matte shade, this is a light taupe brown.

Third is a bright true shimmery gold. 

Then the last eyeshadow is a dark chocolate brown, with slight shimmer.

The blush is a peach shade with golden shimmer. Very hard to photograph, brighter in person.

All the shades are soft and pigmented. The white and dark brown have the best pigmentation of the eyeshadows, with the gold the least. The blush will require a light hand as it is very pigmented and bright! This shade isn't for everyone as it is packed with shimmer and a bit of sparkle, but i think it could even work as an eyeshadow. 

I have been using this palette everyday, and did two quick and easy eye looks to show how the shades look in action. Please excuse my brows as I was bare faced besides eyes when I took the pictures!

Gold shade all over the lid with the dark brown in the crease.

A more natural everyday look using the matte taupey shade on the lid, the dark brown in the crease and outer v and the white as a highlight.

Overall, this palette is awesome in my opinion. And for $3 bucks defiantly worth a shot! I might have to go pick up a few as back-ups and as gifts. I have the Vegas Arte Palette on the way, so expect a review on that soon! :)

EDIT: I have the Vegas palette! Click here for a review!