Monday, February 6, 2012

Drool List 2/6

One thing I love is seeing wish/want lists of people. I think its fun to see what other cool things people have been eyeing so I decided I might occasionally do it :) I'm going to call these my "Drool Lists" because  these are the products I've been salivating over. Hehe gross sorry. But here's a couple things I think are super cool and would just love to get my sticky mitts on.

Image from Peripera

Peripera nail polish- The polishes from the Korean brand look beautiful from what I've seen, but I will admit...I'm dying for the cat bottles. They also have Rose nail polish which comes in a lovley bottle and is a few dollars less, but its not the same as kitties :3 Also they're advertised as having a perfumed scent.
Scent, colors, and quality aside.....I need the bottles!

Image from AMI Clubwear

Hello Kitty Gnome Tote- I'm a total HK sucker. She's just adorable, and I love this tote. The mushrooms and hat are so cute and I find them kind of funny. Although at $60 I don't see myself buying this anytime soon and have other things topping it on my want list. If it goes on sale though..I will be very tempted.

Image from CrispyCones

Cone Shaped Pizza- I have never seen anything like this! O_O It looks so yummy though, and very portable. I wonder if thats all cheese in the middle...

Image from Topshop

Giant Pansy Stripe Bodycon Dress- For some reason when I saw Rai from Blargle Fargle post a picture of this dress I was so taken with it. It's something I would never pick out myself, but something about it I just find so awesome. I rarely wear dresses and if I do for some event, its usually black. (Except for a blue one I have) But nothing this loud and though I have NO idea where I would wear this I love it all the same.

Image from Shefinds

OPI Nicki Minaj Collection- I NEED THIS. NEEEEED IT. I'm a huge Nicki Minaj fan and these colors are hot. I was immediately attracted to the 3 cremes (tealll!!) but from swatches I really love all of them.  And its Nicki! I would probably buy it even if I thought the colors were crap. I know some people are not a fan of these celebrity collections OPI is doing but so far I'm digging them.

Image from AMI Clubwear

Betsey Johnson Tin Can Rose Print Heels- These are gorgeous. I love Betsey Johnson and I have several jewelry pieces that I adore. Again like the dress, I have no idea where I'd ever wear them but they sure are cute. I'd probably just stare at them because they make me happy. That blue shade is right up my alley and I really like the color with the pink roses. I want this print on my nails! 

Image from Crafty Bugs

Fluffy Chenille Chicks- I want hundreds of these. I want to build an army in my room. Hundreds of fluffy little baby chickens everywhere o-o 

Well those are some of my loves lately and here's to hoping some of them can be mine one day! ;D

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