Monday, January 23, 2012

January Haul

I've been dying all month to go shopping and yesterday I was able to go to Sally's and Walmart to pick some things up. I still want to go to a Walgreens and pick up some Wet N' Wild palettes and polish though, but thats for another day. So heres some pictures of what I got yesterday :)

From Sally's
China Glaze- Some Like it Haute, Lemon Fizz, and For Audrey

Orly- Shining Star, Nina Ultra Pro- Punki Purple

Besides the polish I bought a new buffer block, cuticle oil, and a full size and mini of my favorite top coat, Out the Door.
Right next to Sally's was a Walmart so heres what I got from there.

An Essie in....
 Shine of the Times! Yay! I was so excited, and I snatched up the last one :)

Flakey Goodness!!

 They had Nailene french tip polish guides for a dollar and change, so I thought I'd try them out.

And I had wanted to try one the removers you stick your finger in to get the polish off because I heard they were really good for glitter polish. This is Walmart's version, which was $3 and for the same price they had positively ancient looking Sally Hansen ones, and some other brand with 100% acetone. 

Weird foamy stuff inside! If you look closely, there is 3 slits in it to stick your fingers in. I messed up my thumb while doing them last night so I tried it out, and it feels really strange. 0__o It seemed to work alright but the real test will be a glitter. 

And the reason I wanted to go in the first place! Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush. I picked out the Rose one. At $11 dollars it's pricey for a drugs store brand blush in my opinion, but theres a lot of product and I've only heard good things. So although I rarely wear blush I had to have this one because its so darn cute, and Valentine's is coming up and its perfect for that :) I have other pictures but I think I will save them for a full review with swatches. 

Also at Walmart I got a new cuticle pusher, which is boring so I didn't take a picture, but when testing it out I really like it! Only 97 cents too, unlike the $17 ones at Sally's, which I would personally never pay just because there is so many cheaper options.
I am also wearing one of the my new polishes so you'll see that in my next post :)

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