Monday, January 23, 2012

Some Like it Haute

I have to say I definitely do after I've been wearing this manicure! Last night I put on Some Like it Haute from China Glaze, and took some pictures this afternoon. I took a lot of pictures of this one, It's a really cool polish. It has a clear base packed with tiny charcoal gray glitter, and larger pieces of circular holographic glitter. I've seen pictures of a very similar Wet N' Wild, as well as a Nails Inc. I think, but I don't have them myself to compare. Anyway, on to the pictures!

Here it is in dim indoor lighting

Normal indoor lighting

In natural light

With flash

In bright artificial lighting

Close up of bottle

And to better show the holographic bits I took some pictures of the polish in the bottle and on the nail moving or blurred so you can see the colors better.

Here's in the bottle

And on the nail

Just click on an image to see it better :) I'm off to do some work and enjoy my sparkly nails, so thats all for now!

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