Friday, January 20, 2012

Naked Nails 1/20/12

Today I was way over due for a fresh manicure, so after I removed my polish I thought I'd take some pictures of my nails. So far this winter has been good to them and I'm happy to say theres minimal damage :) A little bit of peeling on the corners of a few, but i filed most of that off, and the've been fine.
Last chop was in November, and i had teeny tiny nubbins that didn't reach the ends of my fingers. I made the mistake of going out in the freezing cold with completely bare nails one night at the end of October, and one of my ring finger nails broke clean off with out me even noticing :(
But they're back! So heres some pictures of the naked nails.

Here's right after removal and filing

And then with some much needed cuticle oil and hand lotion

Next post will have the manicure that followed :)

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