Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Punki Purple

On my nails right now I have on another color from my haul, Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple. It's a vibrant purwarm purple that is nearly neon in sunlight. It dries to a rubbery matte kind of finish which I wasn't fond of, but with top coat it's nice and glossy. Shown in the pictures is 3 coats of color. While organizing polish yesterday, I realized I had a extremley similar polish, Sinful Colors Dream On. When I swatched them they were definitly dupes. I think I'll do a comparison post later on, with some other dupey color swatches. Now my polish collection is still a baby, and nothing compared to some other bloggers, so for me to have 2 of one color is rare. So out of all the Nina's the fact that I grabbed one identical to one I already had is funny. I must be attracted to this bright magenta purple shade.
This shade by the way, was extremley hard to photograph. For some reason my camera was just not picking up any of the blue tones and my pictures were all coming out pink. After failed attempts in different lightng I decided to just fix the color in photoshop. So I adjusted the color, but I'm afraid my skin tone might look odd in some pictures. The polish is pretty accurate although a bit more pink than in real life. This was a tricky polish to capture.

Here's in bright indoor lighting
Again, a bit pink. 

This color is more accurate

In bright sunlight. The nearly neon was hard to capture.

Bottle is pretty accurate in this picture

Now as I write this I don't have the light I did yesterday morning, and it definitely looks more purple and the color is richer. I tried taking pictures but they turned out too dark and muddy. :/ Super frustrating. However, this is an awesome color and I love looking at it on my nails. I planned on doing nail art or at least adding tips or glitter, but the smooth bright surface looks great enough on its own and I've been wearing it plain. 
Hopefully I'll get better at capturing color, but for now If you're interested check it out at your local Sally's. This was also my first time using a Nina Ultra Pro, and won't be my last! Besides being affordable, I really liked the formula. It went on smoothly with no problems and dried in a decent amount of time.

I'm currently debating whether to change my nails today...I'm really liking this manicure. But that's all for now and I hope everybody is enjoying their wednesday.

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