Saturday, November 3, 2012

L'oreal Le Gloss 151 Baby Blossom Review

Recently I decided to try one of L'oreal's Le Glosses. I ordered online and silly of me I decided upon what looked to be a very pretty sheer baby pink but didn't look up swatches. Unfortunately it wasn't what I expected. The good news is that it's still workable!

The Le Glosses come in a squeeze tube like packaging with a slanted tip applicator. It has a vanilla cake type scent and a very thick formula. What really got me with Baby Blossom is how opaque it is! Nothing like the sheer color I was expecting. When not applied carefully to perfectly smooth lips, Baby Blossom is honestly a gross, streaky mess. It refused to even out, accentuated every bit of slight dryness, and was just a sticky, patchy disaster. The color is a lovley pale pink with no sparkle or shimmer and I was very disappointed that I couldn't get that on my lips. However, I did get it to be some what usable. On thoroughly exfoliated, hydrated lips Baby Blossom can be dabbed on with a finger for that shiny sheerness I was hoping for. Too much work for me to be able to recommend this gloss at all, but at least it wasn't a complete waste of money.

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