Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tokidoki Arte Palette Lion Papa

I'm super excited about this post. Why? Because this little palette by Tokidoki is now on sale for $3!!! That's right! 4 eyeshadows and a blush for THREE BUCKS! If you have not picked this up, I recommend you snatch it quick! I paid $6 for mine, but it was still a fantastic deal because this thing is great.

If you are not familiar with Tokidoki, they have been known for there adorable and edgy designs way before they decided to go into make-up. All of their products are no exception when it comes to packaging which is super cute. The palette is made of sturdy, glossy cardboard.

Palette opens up like this, with a handy mirror too. 

And now, swatch time! 

The first color is a shimmery slightly off white. (Hard to see on my super pale skin though!)

Next is a matte shade, this is a light taupe brown.

Third is a bright true shimmery gold. 

Then the last eyeshadow is a dark chocolate brown, with slight shimmer.

The blush is a peach shade with golden shimmer. Very hard to photograph, brighter in person.

All the shades are soft and pigmented. The white and dark brown have the best pigmentation of the eyeshadows, with the gold the least. The blush will require a light hand as it is very pigmented and bright! This shade isn't for everyone as it is packed with shimmer and a bit of sparkle, but i think it could even work as an eyeshadow. 

I have been using this palette everyday, and did two quick and easy eye looks to show how the shades look in action. Please excuse my brows as I was bare faced besides eyes when I took the pictures!

Gold shade all over the lid with the dark brown in the crease.

A more natural everyday look using the matte taupey shade on the lid, the dark brown in the crease and outer v and the white as a highlight.

Overall, this palette is awesome in my opinion. And for $3 bucks defiantly worth a shot! I might have to go pick up a few as back-ups and as gifts. I have the Vegas Arte Palette on the way, so expect a review on that soon! :)

EDIT: I have the Vegas palette! Click here for a review!

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  1. Hello, I live in Brazil and would like to buy some products here in the USA. If I send a list of products + price + cost of delivery, you send them to me? Thank you.