Friday, August 24, 2012

Candy Shop

I'm back! With a super cool polish!
Hey all, unfortunately I have not been good about taking pictures of my manicures lately. But I do have some to share of my latest, which is on my tiny nubbins after a pretty big chop. I have some new Deborah Lippmann polishes, and today I'm wearing Candy Shop.
As pricey as $18 for a polish may seem, I haven't met a Lippmann not worth the price tag. When she does glitters, she does them good. Candy Shop is no exception with a light pink jelly base packed full of rainbow glitters.

The glitter mix is the same as in Happy Birthday, but you won't get the same results by just layering over a pink polish. Candy Shop is a very dimensional polish, and the translucency of the pink is quite reminiscent of candy. The glitter distributes easily and no digging around is required. 

Right now, I'm in love with my candy coated nails. I'm hoping the foil method of removing glitters will come through because while applying I was thinking I might have to sandblast this polish off. Hopefully that won't be the case, and besides possibly removal, this polish was great and problem free. Even application, full coverage in 2 coats, and good dry time. The only way I think it could be better is if it was candy scented ;)

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