Friday, August 10, 2012

Primer Series: Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Face Primer

Hey everyone :) I apologize for being such a bad blogger! I have been so busy and slacking on taking pictures. But I'm starting a new series on primers! I have a bunch to try so I will be reviewing them as I go along trying them out.

Image courtesy of Korres

I'll start with the Pomegranate Mattifying Face Primer from Korres. Korres is a company I have only tried a lip butter from before, which I didn't love, so my expectations weren't too high. Although with a full size retailing for $38 for 1.35 oz, I wasn't expecting a low quality product either.

It claims to minimize the appearance of pores and redness, create an even texture, have a breathable formula, and keep face matte throughout the day. Korres also claims that after 8 weeks it is clinically proven to reduce pore size and redness and improve the overall appearance of skin. I haven't used the product long enough to see those kinds of differences, but I can say that overall I have seen the results of some of its other claims.

 I tested this primer out with a sample from Sephora, which is a very generous amount. The sample supplies enough product to use for at least 4-5 days. Also with the foil packaging, i just pinched it closed and it stayed fresh.
Now for how the product itself performed! As for minimizing pores, although I don't have especially large pores, the appearance of them was definitely diminished. The slight yellow tint to the product helped with redness, and my cool-toned skin looked very even. My skin was smooth and foundation application afterwards was a breeze. As for wear, this primer is very breathable and kept my makeup on for the entire day. The best part was when I took my makeup off at night after using this product, my skin actually felt soft and healthy! This was an awesome surprise and after a few days of use I have had no breakouts and my skin looks and feels great. I also happen to like the scent of the product, a faint fruity smell. It's very light though and you can't smell it once it is on the face. (Although I wish I could! It smells awesome!)

And for the not so good. When putting on this primer you have to be careful not to rub it in too much or it will start pilling up and coming off. I didn't have any problem with this putting makeup on top or throughout the day though. The second issue was that this is not a very mattifying product. About halfway through the day my face started to get shiny. This is disappointing seeing as though it is supposed to be mattifying, but as a primer my foundation lasted and didn't melt off.

Overall, I would say this is a winner for me. The reduction of pores and redness and the added staying power to my makeup was great and the fact that my skin felt nourished and healthy after was an added bonus.

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