Friday, August 31, 2012

Del Sol Color Changing Polish (Magic!!!)

Summer's end is coming fast so I wanted to squeeze in some last summery colors before the season changes to fall. What's unique about these polishes is that they change as well! Del Sol is a company that sells products that change color in the sun, and I have a few of their nail polishes to share. I have 5 colors, so perfect for skittles swatches. :)


Ruby Slipper 

Purple Haze 



Here is the colors indoors. These polishes only change in UV light so indoor lights do not affect them unless they are ultra-violet. I have Ruby Slipper on my thumb, Foxy on my pointer, Calypso on middle, Purple Haze on ring, and Elecktrick on pinky. 

And then, the same polishes in sunlight! Sun magic!! Pretty cool, huh?

Ruby Slippers is Del Sol's most popular shade and it's easy to tell why. This polish changes from a silver glitter to a vibrant ruby red. I decided this color deserved it's own comparison picture. (Excuse my sloppy track pad handwriting please!)

Foxy, the polish on my pointer, turns from a light hot pink to a dark warm purple.

Calypso, on my middle, is a coral that turns to a pinky-purple.

Purple Haze, on ring,  is a yellow cream color that turns an indigo shade.

Electrick, the last color on my pinky, is a aqua blue that turns a light lime.

All have a thin, but easy to work with formula and have a shimmer finish (except Ruby Slippers, which is glitter). These polishes are rather sheer and need to be built up to see the effect well. I'm wearing three coats in all of the pictures. Del Sol polishes are more of a short-term polish as the color changing fades the longer you wear. To maximize the change of the polish, I recommend not wearing top coat over. This means that they don't wear very long without chips or tipwear, but the color changing fades as well so these are best for a day or two of a very cool mani. 

Del Sol is an awesome polish that's fun to wear, watch, and show off to your friends. I love wearing this and seeing my friend's reactions to my "magic" nail polish. Guys especially seem to think this is cool LOL. If you like unique and different manis, this would be right up your alley!

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