Friday, August 24, 2012

Mariposa Palette by Urban Decay

Urban Decay Palettes. A weakness for beauty aficionados everywhere, myself included. No matter how many shades they include multiples of, or rename, it's hard to resist the beautiful soft, pigmented UD shadows all in a row. 
One palette I haven't seen much talk about though is the Mariposa palette, a Sephora exclusive. I think it's worth checking out especially if you don't have much Urban Decay, as theres a good mix of neutral and colorful shades. 
The Mariposa comes in an embossed tin package with a butterfly, very pretty. However, for myself, I will admit at first i had trouble opening it. (I think this could just be me though!)

The palette has 10 shades in a sturdy cardboard backing with purple butterflies. Also included is a small brush, which is soft and nicer than a foam applicator in my opinion. Excuse the state of the shadows, I've been using the palette before I took pictures for review!

The first shade is Rockstar, a deep plum.

Next is Gunmetal, a dark metallic blue-gray. It has slight silver sparkles as well.

Skimp is a light beige shade with a touch of peach. It's hard to see in my swatch as it's similar to my skin tone.

Infamous is a bright pinky-purple. This was the least pigmented shade.

Wreckage is a medium brown with a golden shimmer.

Haight is a bright aqua blue, very pretty, but warning! This one will stain a bit.

Money is a cool, unique shade. A pale silvery green.

Mushroom is my personal favorite, a dark silver taupe. Most pigmented shade in the palette.

Spotlight is a light sandy color with lots of shimmer.

Limelight is a slightly glittery warm gold. This lacked the pigmentation of other shades

Usually I only use the neutral shades for my everyday looks. I don't normally wear bright eyeshadow (ever!) but I wanted to try out something fun. So here's my attempt at a colorful look. Please excuse my lack of make up skill, especially with such bright shades!

And speaking of a neutral look, here's something I would wear everyday using the Mariposa Palette 

Overall, I think Mariposa is a versatile palette with high quality eyeshadows. 10 shadows for $38 is a good deal for UD as well. This palette may not be as popular as others, but I think it's a good collection, especially for someone new to the brand.

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