Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Primer Series: $5 Sephora Anti-Shine Primer

So time for another entry in the Primer Series! Today I have the Sephora house brand Anti-Shine Primer. This isn't available online anymore, but I'm not sure about in store or elsewhere. When I snagged this 1 fl. oz. tube of primer for $5.

This primer is a translucent white color with a gel-like texture. My face didn't feel much smoother after application, a little tacky almost. My foundation applied normally and didn't look any different. Pores and redness were not helped by this primer.

Wear was decent and shine was controlled for 3-4 hours, but my makeup didn't last any longer than normal. I used this for about a week and at first thought it was alright, especially for the price, but then the biggest con. This stuff broke me out something awful! I don't have particularly sensitive skin, but something in here definitely broke me out as it stopped as soon as I stopped using the product. I still have scarring from a nasty one on my cheek.

Overall I was hoping to like this, especially at the irresistible price, but even if it didn't make me break out it still wasn't a great primer. Oh well, they can't all be winners. On to the next!

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