Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Laura Geller Fresh Brewed Beauty Baked Collection

Laura Geller is a brand I have been wanting to try for a while and when I saw this Fresh Brewed Beauty set on QVC, I knew I had to have it. (I set an alarm for midnight so I could wake up and grab it first!) I got it as the Today's Special, but it's still available on the OVC website and only a few dollars more than the special. Fresh Brewed Beauty comes with a whole face worth of products, including a foundation, blush, eyeshadow palette, highlighter, lip gloss and applicator. 
This super cute set is inspired by Laura's love for coffee and comes in an adorable faux coffee bag.

Double Ended Face and Eye Applicator

This applicator is about the size of an average brush and of decent quality, I haven't tried it out as I'm not a fan of sponge applicators.

Baked ImPRESSions Eye Palette (Creamy Latte, Warm Mocha, Dark Roast)

In this palette are a trio of coordinating browns, the lightest is a tan shade called Creamy Latte. The medium shade is a warm camel color and has the best pigmentation of the three. Dark Roast is the darkest, and the one that gave me the most trouble. This chocolate shadow had a very hard texture and was difficult to get any pay-off. This pay have just been mine though as I've seen other reviews where people have had no issues.

Balance & Brighten Foundation in Porcelain

I was very excited to try Laura Geller's Balance & Brighten foundation, which retails for $33 by it's self.  I was also glad that QVC offers it in Porcelain, as the Light would be too dark. I do wish that she offered a bigger shade range though. This is an opaque, creamy powder that goes on smoothly. It doesn't offer great coverage but left a beautiful finish on my skin and didn't look powdery at all.

Baked ImPRESSions Blush in Mauve Mocha Latte

Mocha Mauve Latte is a beautiful warm brown pink. It has the same cute coffee bean impression as the eyeshadow palette. Pigmentation is great and it gives skin a natural, flattering warmth.

Baked Highlighter in French Vanilla

Ah, the main reason I was tempted by this set. I had been interested in this highlighter for a long time and was going to purchase it for $26 off the Laura Geller website. When i saw it in this kit, it sealed the deal. This is a lovley warm vanilla shade with a soft texture. It has no glitter, frost, or sparkles, just a natural luminous glow. I was afraid it might actually be too dark a highlight for me, but a little bit worked beautifully.

Color Drenched Lipgloss in Cafe au Lait

This gloss definitely lives up to its name as "color drenched", the pigmentation here is crazy. I would describe this more as a liquid lipstick than a gloss, with a smooth pigmented formula. The color is similar to the blush, a warm carmel mauve. This also has coffee scent and taste but it's very light. I'm not a fan of coffee taste at all and could tolerate it fine.

Cafe au Lait Lipgloss, Porceline Foundation, Eyeshadow Palette- Creamy Latte, Warm Mocha, Dark Roast, French Vanilla Highlighter, Mauve Mocha Latte Blush

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