Monday, October 1, 2012

Stash Clean Out and Project Pan!

Recently I decided to go through and reorganize all my makeup. I feel guilty about having so much that isn't used! I threw away a lot of things that are too old, which really helped downsize. I don't follow expiration dates super strictly on makeup (I'm not throwing out a perfectly good eyeshadow after a year!) but I am wary with mascaras and lip products. Bacteria near the eye is never a good thing, and lip products can be just gross once the smell/color starts to change.

Definitely trying to stop my hoarding habits, as it's no good saving a lipgloss if it's going to go bad and you get no use out of it! I ended up throwing out mostly lip products, but also a few eye and face products that were either cheapy stuff I was getting zero use out of, broken, or just too dang old. Seeing almost full products hit the can made me feel wasteful, but I knew they were of no use to anyone anymore. It made me think about my makeup purchases more and realize just how much I use.

I really recommend going through your stash, if not just to rediscover old favorites too! It really made me think and want to get the most out of my money. I'm more careful with my purchases and am better about trying to use up the things I have. I will admit I saved a few old things...I couldn't throw out my cute Tokidoki lipgloss or Jack Skellington lipbalm! But I have started a new drawer to keep items like this more as collector's items, rather than taking up room in my usable makeup.
Another thing I started doing is keeping a box next to my vanity to put products that I use up! This makes me feel better about things I have finished. I'm currently counting hair, bath&body, nail, and cosmetic items as thats what I buy the most of.
I know I won't be able to control myself with the all the holiday collections coming out, as well as my birthday, but I'm going to start a project pan of sorts once the year is through. If you haven't heard of project pan, it's basically putting your self on a no-buy until you see the "pan" of a product and use it up! For me, I'm not sure how well I'll do on a no-buy but I definitely want to start filling up my box and maybe buy myself a treat once I empty it :)

Have you gone through your stash recently?
Have you ever done a project pan?

Tell me your thoughts!

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