Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Elf Erase and Conceal Corrective Concealer

I recently made an E.L.F. order on Labor Day when they were offering free shipping. Shockingly I managed to only limit myself to 3 items. I picked up this Corrective Concealer palette in Erase and Conceal, the Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette, and the Matte Top Coat. Reviews of those will come separately, including swatches of all 144 shadows in the Ultimate palette! (yes I'm crazy!!) But for now I have the Corrective concealer to talk about.

I was very pleasantly surprised with the packaging, which is very sturdy and has a nice heft to it. Its easy to open but tightly seals to keep the creams from drying out. It has a good sized mirror and comes with a small brush.

Inside are 4 concealers, all very light in color. They are decently creamy but a bit sheer and need to be built up. The Erase and Conceal palette has a yellow, blue, green, and peach. These colors are made to cancel out the color you want to get rid of, so I think the Erase part is accurate. I would recommend using these under foundation or a concealer that matches your skin tone so that it would not look like you have green spots on your face. I think this Corrective Concealer palette would work better on lighter skin tones as the colors themselves are very light. Darker skin tones might be better suited by the Neutralize and Conceal palette.

Yellow could be used for concealing dark circles and bruises. 
Blue corrects sallowness in the skin or age spots.
Green could be used on blemishes and any redness.
Peach is used to brighten the skin and can even out slight discoloration.

Once built up, these can look cakey and crease, so I use a light layer and then cover with foundation and concealer. To show how these work I took a picture of my eye with nothing on it, and then with the yellow concealer on my dark circles. As you can see I don't have much darkness, but there is a slight purple tinge that the yellow erased.

Overall, I don't love it but at $3 I think this palette is worth a shot. Especially if you're like me and want to try out different colors of corrective concealers!

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