Monday, September 17, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips

I was always attracted to the adorable packaging of the Maybelline Baby Lips, but was doubtful of the quality. I have super dry lips and I have tried more lipbalms than I can name. When I was at target and had a $1 off coupon on a Maybelline lip product, I decided to indulge in one. I picked "Cherry Me".

EDIT: And I liked it so much I went and picked up four more! I'm editing this post to include my new goodies and swatches!
EDIT: I'm sorry, last edit!  But I finally have Grape Vine! 

Blue tube-Quenched, Green tube- Peppermint, Purple tube- Peach Kiss, Pink tube- Pink Punch, Orange tube- Cherry Me

Teal tube- Grape Vine

All swatches are pretty heavy as the colors build up especially after wear throughout the day. One quick swipe of these will be more sheer, and is hard to tell them apart.

Bare Lips 

Both Quench and Peppermint are clear and look the same

Peach Kiss

Pink Punch

Cherry Me

Grape Vine

Quench is a clear balm with a citrus-like scent. It reminds me of orange specifically. This has SPF 20.

Peppermint is also clear and has a nice fresh, but light mint scent. This also has SPF 20.

Peach Kiss is a warm, very natural peach shade and is the only one with a slight shimmer. It has a peach scent but is more like a peach candy or gummy scent, not a fresh peach.

Pink Punch is a bright pink that smells just like fruit punch. I love this one!

Cherry Me is a sheer red that comes off almost fushcia. It's cherry scented but again more like cherry candy,  rather than fresh cherries and thank goodness, not cough syrup.

Grape Vine is a sheer plum purple shade that looks scary in the tube but is not dark at all on the lips. This also smells like candy, reminds me specifically of sweet tarts.

Here are Maybelline's claims for Baby Lips.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised that i found all of these claims to be true. My lips were soft and hydrated and looked much better. The balm is super lightweight on and not waxy in the least. It's gives nice shine and a touch of color. There is a downside to the Baby Lips though, it really doesn't last long. It wears off on me in about 30 minutes to an hour before I have to re-apply. Another thing I found is that it is very transferrable. I took a nap with Cherry Me and found pink splotches all over my pillow from where my lips touched it. So not a great idea to sleep with this on, unless you are using Quench or Peppermint!

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